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    الاستاذة أمال
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    VIP Member
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    Some Texts

    on 2012-02-02, 08:47

    It is very difficult to take it easy in the modern world. Indeed most of us suffer from stress. And this endangers our health. Doctors say that stress, the pressure we live with every day,

    makes us ill. It gives us headaches and stomachaches, but that’s not all. Many serious diseases are due to stress. Doctors have found that the two ‘modern killers’- heart disease and cancer-are more common in people who find it difficult to relax than in those who take it easy.

    It’s not only stress, of course, which kills people. There are also other things about modern life that are harmful to us: smoking, pollution, too much junk food, etc.

    TO the EDITOR June 17[2005

    In the June 5th edition, you published an opinion article about technology entitled “Can we live without…?”. I don’t quite agree with some points in the article.

    I think we cannot live without technology for three reasons. First of all we have invented technology out of necessity. Imagine life with no machines. Sew your own clothes! Wash your own clothes by hand! Go everywhere on foot! Life can be very hard indeed without technology.The second reason why I cannot imagine life with no technology is the following.

    It has become part of our lives. In addition, every generation should live according to its time.

    We cannot stop technological innovation because we don’t want to live the hard times

    of our ancestors.However, though we cannot live without technology, we must make sure that we have full control over it.

    Yours faithfully,

    Smith Hamilton

    TV is the best invention that man has ever made. It is the best answer to boredom and

    loneliness. It allows people to relax after a hard day’s work. Moreover, it educates children because it shows them documentaries on various topics. It informs us about what happens around the world. Thanks to TV, the world has become just like a small village. Finally, TV plays an important role in the family. It tells family members the old stories which grandmothers used to tell their grandchildren.

    Dear Jill and Bill,

    I’m delighted to hear that you are getting married next month. What wonderful news! And many thanks for the invitation to the wedding, but I’m afraid I can’t come.

    Unfortunately, I’m taking some exams that week and it will be impossible for me

    to get away.

    Here is a little present for you- I hope it’s useful !

    Looking forward to seeing you soon, and my very best wishes to you both.



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    Mr. Azzedine
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    English10 Founder
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    Re: Some Texts

    on 2012-02-05, 02:50
    Thank you very much for your fruitful contribution

    Great job ! Wishing for more works of this kind ...

    Thanks a million

    <<There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it >> "Edith Wharton"
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