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الاستاذة أمال
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 This is my Second Exam Empty This is my Second Exam

on 2012-03-02, 21:44
Dear ; Doctor Hakima

I’m writing to seek your kind advice. I’m a four year middle school student. I took my Brevet last June and had a pass with merit. The problem is that I’m facing a dilemma as to the choice of the stream in which I will register in the lycée. My parents want me to register in the scientific stream whereas my choice goes for the literary stream.§1

Indeed, if I decided to register in the stream of my choice, I would realise the dream of my life which consists of becoming a translator. I would work very hard to get a literary stream Baccalaureate, which would allow me to register at a department of translation at university. However, if I followed my choice, my parents would be really disappointed. They want me to become a doctor.§2

In conclusion, I’m at a crossroads in my educational career. I don’t know whether I must listen my parents or decide about what I must do with my school life on my own.§3

What should I do?


Part one:(14 points)

- Reading comprehension:

Activity one; Read the text and write true ,false . Correct the false statements;

1- Ahlem is writing the letter to ask for advice .

2- She wishes to be a doctor

3- Her parents will be satisfied if she registers for a literary stream.

Activity two;Read the text and answer these questions: -

1-In which paragraph is it mentioned Ahlem’s future job?

2- Choose the most suitable title among the ones given:

a) An agony letter b)- a letter of advice- c) a letter of opinion

Activity three; Lexis; Match each word with its definition

A dilemma - to make a hope or a purpose real

Merit -unhappy for failing hopes

Realize -a difficult choice

Disappointed - praise and reward

.Section two; Mastery of language;

Activity one ; Add a suffix to each word to form nouns of jobs;

E.g ; musicmusician

optic→……….- guitar→………- govern→……… build →………

Activity two ; Give the correct form of the verbs between brackets;

1- He(not go) to work on crowded buses if he (have) a car.

2- As soon as we (get )there ,we (make) a phone call.

3- Ahlem (make) a lot of friends when she (study) at university.

Activity three; Pronunciation;

Pick out from the text 4 words that have the following vowel sounds;

More / /
Last / /
Foot / /
Third / /

Part two ; The integrated situation ;(6points)

Imagine you are Doctor Hakima. Write a letter to Ahlem -

-What do you advise her to do?

- Is she obliged to realise her dreams or her parents’ dreams?
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