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 Exam N°2 - SOS animals in danger. Empty Exam N°2 - SOS animals in danger.

on 2014-02-25, 08:25

TEXT : SOS animals in danger 

Many animals in the world are in danger.For many of them,the biggest danger is humans.People have always killed animals for their meat and for their skins.Others are killed because they eat crops or attack the farmer;s animals. Some animals such as tigers and elephants used to live in great numbers in countries like India.People have hunted them.So,there are not many today.However,there are now laws in India which protect them. 
In South America,many different birds and animals have lost their natural homes in forests because thousands of trees have been cut down or burnt.People then used the land for farming or building roads and towns.
Some species of animals are nearly extinct.Only few of them live in some parts of the world.Others live in zoos or special parks. 
Zoos are important because they help some animals to live in security.They also permit to care for animals and learn more about them. 

A-Read the text carefully and write true or false.Justify the false statements : ( 3/3)
1-Human is the biggest danger for many animals.
2-Today,there is a great number of tigers and elephants in India.
3-Zoos don ;t help animals to live in security.

B-What do the underlined words in the text refer to ? ( 2/2) 
Them They

C-Find in the text words thot are closest in meaning to : (2/2)
Save kinds
Find now,words that opposites in meaning to :
Many to die


A-Order the following words alphabetically : (2/2)
Africa extinction alive fur

B-Fill in the gaps with  since - for - ago ) (3/3) 
1-My uncle has lived abroad …….a long time and he hasnt come to Alegria……2005.
2-It rained 2 weeks …….
C-Mark the intonation and then the stress word : (2/2 ) 
A :So,we will go to the zoo next Thursday ?
B: No,we will go to the museum.

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