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2012-11-20, 20:42
In the English language, a phrasal verb is a verb combined with a preposition or an adverb.

Look + up/ to/ for/ about/ into/
Verb + Preposition
What is the difference between…
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Look up, Look up, to Look out? Do they mean the same thing?
If not, what do you think each of them means?
The following table illustrates some of the most common phrasal verbs formed with look.
Look up to
She has always looked up to her mother. [respect]

Look into
The police are looking into the case. [investigate]

Look for
Could you help me to look for my keys, please? [try to find]

Look back on
I look back on my childhood with nostalgia. [recall]

Look up
Look it up in the dictionary. [find information in a book]

Look forward to
I’m looking forward to starting work. [expect with pleasure]

Look out
Look out, there is a car. [take care/ be careful]

Here are some more useful phrasal verbs based on look.
They are illustrated below in a business context but they can also, of course, be based in other situations.
1.Please look through the proposal and let me know what you think. [examine]
2.I’ve looked over your memo. [examine quickly]
3.Business is looking up at last. [starting to improve]
4.When you’re in Tokyo, try to look us up. [find and visit]
5.We’re looking to Russia for an increase in our sales. [depending on]
6.The company is looking ahead to a bright future. [planning for the future]
Let’s practice.
What words do you need to complete the sentences below?
1. I look ____ ____ that winter with some regret.
2. She has great respect for her colleagues, she doesn’t really look ___ ___ her boss.
3. You’re going to Paris? Look ___ my sister while you’re there.
4. The CIA is looking _____ the cause of the plane crash.
5. I’m sorry to hear you lost your job. I hope things will look ____ for you soon.
6. People shouldn’t look ____ the government to solve all their problems.
7. Look ___! You almost hit that lady!

Replace the underlined expressions with one of the phrasal verbs.
1.The garden isn’t very attractive now, but it’s beautiful in the summer.
2.You’d better be careful, or someone might take advantage of you.
3.Try to remain optimistic if you possibly can.
4.Unfortunately, many people regard the homeless as inferior.
5.Have you had a chance to examine the job application?
6.She didn’t want to get involved, so she ignored the situation.
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