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    English Assessment N° 4 - 4am-


    الاستاذة أمال
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    VIP Member

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    English Assessment N° 4 - 4am-

    Post by الاستاذة أمال on 2012-02-20, 09:08

    Hi Rachid,I
    ’m writing to inform you about the plans for next Friday’s excursion. The departure point
    will be our school. If everybody is punctual, we will start at 7. The weather forecast announces
    a day with showers on Friday. Don’t worry, I have made contingency plan just in case it rains
    while we are on excursion. Thus if it rains in the morning, we won’t go to the zoo; we will visit
    the Martyr’s museum. It will help us a lot in revising our history lessons. We will have lunch at
    12:30. If is cold. We won’t have lunch out; we will get back into the coach and have our
    sandwiches inside.
    I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday morning.

    Part one:
    A- Reading comprehension:
    1- Read the text carefully then answer these questions:

    - Where will Rachid go?

    - Is he going alone?

    3- Read the text then write true or false .correct the false statements:
    - They have an excursion on Sunday.
    - The departure point will be the Zoo.
    - They will visit the school if it rains.
    - They won’t get back into bus if is cold.

    B- Mastery of language:
    1- Give the correct form of the verbs between brackets.

    a- They (to take) notes as soon as they (to arrive) to the museum
    b- If the pupils (to be) late, the departure (to take) place at 8:00
    c- We (to have) lunch in an open space if the weather (to be) fine.

    2- Add a suffix to get a noun of job: er-or-ist-ian.

    - Keep
    - Guard
    - Alpine
    - Gladiate
    Classify these words according to their vowel sound:
    See- with- eatable- in

    /I/ /i: /
    Part II:Situation of integration;

    suppose that last week-end you went for an excursion with your friends. and now you are chatting with your web-pal who wants you to tell him/her about it.So, imagine and write the dialogue .

    here are some hints to help you;

    tell him/her where/where you went - places you visited - what you did ....etc
    Mr. Azzedine
    English10 Founder
    English10 Founder

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    Re: English Assessment N° 4 - 4am-

    Post by Mr. Azzedine on 2012-02-22, 07:39

    I really liked the topic!

    Thank you for sharing it

    <<There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it >> "Edith Wharton"

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