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 Formal test N° 4      -4am- Empty Formal test N° 4 -4am-

on 2012-02-20, 08:26
Imene ; My middle school has about one thousand pupils .
Sally : That's a large number!My junior high school has only about 500 students.
Imene: Wow! How long do you stay there?
Sally: We study for three years and then we proceed to senior high school.
Imene ; In Algeria, we go to middle school for four years.Then ,we sit for the BEM exam before we could advance to a secondary school.
Sally: We 're a bit different .We can join a senior high school when you get an A,B,C or aD grade.
Imene : After senior high school?what certaficate can you acquire?
Sally : We'll get a high school diploma.
Imene: What can you join afterwards?
Sally : Acollege or a university.

Part one: (14points)

1) Reading Comprehension:

Activity one: Choose the correct answer:

1) Imene's school is ………than Sally's.
a) bigger b- smaller c-better
2) Sally is a student in a……..
a) Junior high school b- senior high school c-middle school
3) Sally might get a………..
a- certaficate b-degree c- a diploma
Activity two: Is it true ,false or not mentioned?
1- In Algeria ,middle school is before secondary school.
2- If an American pupil gets a D grade ,he can proceed to a senior high school.
3- Sally always has an A grade.
Activity three:Lexis- Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to:
Quit ≠ same≠
2) Mastery of language/
Activity one :Give the correct form of the verbs between parentheses:

1If we (leave) early ,we (not miss) the train.
2) My father ( give) me a surprise after I(succeed) in my brevet exam
3) He (work)hard until he (get) a diploma.
Activity two ;Add a suffix to each word so that you can get a noun of a job:
E.g : teachteacher
drive→……… piano→……….
physic→……… auth→………..
Activity three : Find in the text 4 words that have the following vowel sounds:

Hand/ /

Good/ /

Hard/ /

Tall / /





Part two: Integrated phase: (6points)
A foreign web-friend of yours wants to know about the pre-university school system in Algeria.So ,write (him /her) an e-mail in which you provide (him/her) with the required data.
Here are some hints to help you
(school types –periods-subjects you study –certaficates-…etc)

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