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Second Formal Test  -Second Term-   4 am- Empty Second Formal Test -Second Term- 4 am-

on 2012-02-15, 22:45
American School System

American school system is among the most successful ones in the world .
Children go to Kindergarten where they learn how to count ,read and write .When they are 6 years old,they go to the elementry school or "grade school".They have to stay for six years.After they finish it ,they can join "a junior high school" for three years.Senior high school is next,it lasts for three years and most students get a high school diploma.
Students are about 18 years old when they finish high school

The school year is 9months long. It begins in September and ends in May.
As soon as students finish their final exams ,they go on Summer holiday.
There are public schools and private ones in the U.S.A,a public school is free while a private school is often quite expensive .But both are good
Part one:(14points Section one: Reading Comprehension;(7points)
Activity one: Read the text carefully and write true ,false or not mentioned:
1-An American student has to study for 12 years before he he can join a university.
2-All the students get high school diplomas.
3-In a public school,students have to pay to be able to study.
Activity two; Answer these questions from the text
1-At what age do students finish high school?
2- Is a private school better than a public school?why?
Activity three;Lexis;
1-Find in the text words that opposites in meaning to;
Teach leave
2-Find now words that are equivalents in meaning to ;
-vacation═ starts═
Mastery of language: (7 pts)
Activity one/ Give the correct form of the verbs between parentheses :
1-My parents (be) happy ,if I(pass) my final exam.
2-When my sister (join) the university, she (study) literature.

3-He (not stop) studying until he (get) his university degree.
Activity two: Order these words alphabetically:
succeed – world – success - diploma

Activity three: Pronunciation:Pick out from the text 4 words that have the following vowel sounds:

Bird/ /

Put/ /

Hard/ /
Short / /




Part two :Situation of integration: (6points)
Your American web-friend wants to know about the Algerian School System before university .So ,write(him/her) an e-mail providing (him/her) with the required data.
Here are some hints to help you:
( school types- age -periods- subjects and languages you study-holidays - certaficates you get…..etc)
(use the conditionel if and the time conjunctions as soon as ,after ,when ;before …..)

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Second Formal Test  -Second Term-   4 am- Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100Second Formal Test  -Second Term-   4 am- Right_bar_bleue

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Second Formal Test  -Second Term-   4 am- Empty Re: Second Formal Test -Second Term- 4 am-

on 2012-02-16, 07:49
great job
many thanks
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