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    what do you think about my second term exam?

    the guide

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    what do you think about my second term exam?

    Post by the guide on 2009-03-05, 04:25

    Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria

    Ministry of education

    School year: 2008 / 2009
    Level: 04 AM
    Timing: 1h30
    Second Term English Examination

    Martin Luther King Junior was an American political activist. He was
    born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. He never starred in Hollywood film, and he never killed "the bad guys", but
    he was a hero. There are four reasons why. First, he was a man of peace. He
    never preached violence against those white people who hated
    the black population in America. Second, he used to be a courageous negro
    man. He knew that there were racists who wanted to kill him, but he was not
    afraid of them. Third, he was a man who defended the rights of
    workers for a decent salary and those of children for good education.
    Finally, his defense of Civil Rights that was in a peaceful way won him the
    Noble Prize for Peace in 1965.

    After this, he became a well-known person, but he
    remained very modest in everything. The Americans are right to celebrate
    Martin Luther King Day because he spent his whole life teaching us lessons of
    love, peace, tolerance, justice, self-respect and the respect for other
    people. He died on April 4th, 1968. He lived and died for us. So
    we should remember him at least once a year.


    one: Reading comprehension : ( 07 Pts )

    A) – read the text carefully and answer the questions:(3pts)

    1. Was Martin Luther king a man of peace?

    2. What did he win in 1965?

    3. When did he die?

    B) – what do the
    underlined words refer to in the text:

    - who → / them→

    C) – match the word with
    its definition:

    1- hero a - man with dark complexion.

    2- racist b - great and courageous man.

    3- negro c - fixed pay for a job.

    4- salary d - man who dislikes the others races.

    Section two: Mastery of Language(07Pts)

    Match the pairs of sentences with(who – which – where)

    He won the prize. Itwas for peace.→

    . He loved Atlanta. He was born there.

    . He didn’t harm those Whites.
    They hated him. →

    B)Find in the text words that
    contain these diphthongs (one word for each one)



    the right form of the verbs:

    1. Martin (to hate)

    2. If I were you, I (to
    choose) the second topic.

    3. You (to have) a BEM
    exam, next June.

    4. Yesterday, they (to
    come) to visit you.

    Part two: situation of integration(06Pts)

    In some lines
    write a biography using these information:

    - Name:
    Marie Sklodowska

    - Date
    of birth
    : 1867

    - Place
    of birth
    : Warsaw / Poland

    - Occupation
    : research scientist

    - Husband:
    Pierre Curie

    - date
    of marriage
    : 1895

    - Prize:
    Noble Prize in Chemistry / 1911

    - Date
    of death
    : July 4th , 1934

    Allah is the grantor of success
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    Mr. Azzedine
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    English10 Founder

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    Re: what do you think about my second term exam?

    Post by Mr. Azzedine on 2012-02-05, 03:02

    Thank you very much for your fruitful contribution

    Great job ! Wishing for more works of this kind ...

    Thanks a million

    <<There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it >> "Edith Wharton"

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