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First Test ( 2am) Harry Potter Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100First Test ( 2am) Harry Potter Right_bar_bleue

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First Test ( 2am) Harry Potter Empty First Test ( 2am) Harry Potter

on 2013-10-28, 05:01
                                                                                 Formal Test N°1.
Harry Potter is a famous English actor .He is an orphen young boy .He lives with his uncle and his aunt since  his parents' death. He is short and slim with straight dark hair and blue eyes . He acted in many films such as " Harry Potter and the half-blood prince"   and  " Harry potter and the dealthy hallows".

Reading Comprehension :(7/7)

Activity one : Read the text and write true or false correct the false statements: (3/3)
1-Harry potter is not a famous actor.
2-He acted in many films.
3-He  lives with his parents.

Activity two: Complete this table with information from the text:  (2/2)

  Nationality      build         hair             eyes           

Activity three : Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to : (2/2)

                      old                                         fat   
Mastery of language 

Activity one: Compare the following :(2/2)
E.g   Algeria / Tunisia ( large)
Algeria is larger  than Tunisia.
1-French / Arabic (difficult).
2- I / my friend ( good ) at English

Activity two : Give the correct form of the verbs between brackets :(3/3)
 1-Every week , they (go) to the theatre.
 2-My friend ( have ) long fair hair.
 3 -Next year , He ( travel) abroad.

Classify these words according to their pronunciation of their final "S"
       likes -  plays   - boxes - fennecs .

             /S/                /Z/                         /IZ/          

Situation of integration: (6/6)

Write a letter to a new web friend .
           Give your (name - age - nationality - job- physical appearance - sport activity that you like ).
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