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Final English Exam-1am- Empty Final English Exam-1am-

on 2013-05-20, 03:41
Final English Exam
Level : 1am
Duration : 1hour
Text :
MR .Mansour is a farmer .He always gets up early .He has breakfast .Then, he rides his horse and goes to his farm at 6 ;00. . He has got many animals there .All his animals are domestic. He has got sheeps ,cows , two cats , a dog , ducks, hens and pigeons .He always feeds them before he starts work.
Mr Mansour finishes work at 18 :30. He arrives home at 18 :30 .He is sometimes tired but always happy.
Part one : (14 points)
Activity one : Reading Comprehension :
1-Read the text and write true or false .Correct the false statements :(3/3)
-Mr Mansour has a farm .
-He goes to the farm by bus.
-He has got many domestic animals.
2-Read the text again and answer the following questions :(2/2)
-Has Mr Mansour got pigeons ?
-What time does he arrive home ?
3)Lexis :(2/2)
-Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to :
Never ≠ ….. wild ≠…………..
-Find now words that are equivalents in meaning to:

ends begins

Activity two : Mastery of language :
1-Compare the following :(2/2)
Eg : ali / Ahmed (tall)
Ali is taller than Ahmed.
-Mount Everst / Hoggar ( high)
-Algeria /Tunisia ( big)
2-Order these words alphabetically:(2/2)
- Sheep - Hen - Duck - Cat
3-Pronunciation: Classify the words below in the table according to their pronunciation of their final "S" :(3/3)
foxes - cows - pens - books - watches - rabbits.

Part two: Situation of integration:(6/6)
Choose one animal from this chart and write about it:

animal name Fur age Kind
Cow Dolly black 4 years domestic
Dog Rex Brown and white 2 years domestic

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