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on 2013-04-24, 00:40

Dave ; i have tickets to the Phantom of the Opera on Friday night .would you like to go?
Susan ;Thanks ,i 'd love to .What time is the show?
Dave ; it's at 8:00
Susan That sounds great ?So ,do you want to have dinner at 6:00?
Dave :Uh ,i'd like to ,but i have to work late
Susan;Oh that's ok .let's just meet at the theater before the show ,around 730
Dave ; that's sounds fine

Part one :(14points)

Activity one : Reading Comprehension

A) Read the dialogue carefully and write true or false .Correct the false statements.

1- Dave has got tickets to the Opera .
2-He invites Susan to see the show.
3- Susan refuses his invitation .

B) Answer the questions below from the text :

1-Did Dave accept to have dinner with Susan ? Why?
2-What time will they meet?

C)-Find in the text words that are antonym in meaning to
day early
-Find now words that are equivalent in meaning to :
Fantastic about

Activity two :Mastery of language :

A) Turn these sentences into the passive voice :

-Dave invited Susan .
-Susan sees an interesting play .

B)-Complete the following table
past participle
To write
To visit

Activity three :Pronunciation:

- Classify the following words in the right column:

College - forget - gift - germ - flag -gym

Part two : Situation of integration (6 points)
Imagine and write a dialogue in which you invite your friend to the cinema but (he/she) declines and gives you an excuse .(He /she) in turn suggest to go and see a football match on Wednesday
(Use A and B as dialogue speakers)
Good luck
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