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Second English Exam -1am- Empty Second English Exam -1am-

on 2013-02-28, 22:47
Second English Exam
Level ; 1am
Duration .1hour

Moncef is 15 now. He is a pupil . He is from Algeria but he lives in Paris .
Moncef is fond of football . He is magic with the ball , he plays it extraordinarally and he has the talent of Zineddine Ziddane.
Every day he gets up early ,he practices football in the stadium and he finishes his training session at 9 oclock .Then, he has a shower and goes home at about 11o’clock

Part one ;(14 points)

Reading Comprehension;
Activity one ; Read the text and write true or false .Correct the false statements;

1-Moncef lives in Algiers.
2-He loves football so much.
3-He practises football on week-ends

Activity two ;Answer these questions from the text ;

1- Does Moncef get up late ,every morning?
2-What time does he finish his training session?

Activity three;Find in the text words that are opposites in meaning to;
Comes back ≠ late≠

Mastery of language;

Activity one ; What time is it ?Write in full.(3 points)
E.g; 12;00 ( It’s tweleve o’clock)
- 05:20(…….) -10:30 (……..) - 22:45(……….)

Activity two ; Give the correct form of the verbs between brackets;
Zaki is my best friend .He (love) swimming so much .Every weekend, I(meet) him and we (go ) to the swimming-pool.

Activity three ; Enrich the following lists with two words :
1- Three - Thursday -………… -……………
2- They - this -………….-…………………

Part two ; The integrated phase ;(6points)
Your web-friend wants to know about your daily activities .So ,write (him/her) an e-mail saying what activities you do every day

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