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on 2013-02-14, 07:31

To be in good health is one of the greatest pleasure of life, without health we can't enjoy wealth or anything else.That's why we say "Health is better than wealth"
In the past , people didn't know how to keep healthy .Many nations suffered from illnesses and great numbers of young en and women died because when an illness broke out ,It spread quickly over whole countries
Stress and microbes are the mmost usual causes of many illnesses.Microbes can be carried by air ,by foof, by water or by touch.Some animals can also carry microbes from a person to a person.

Part one
Activity one : Reading Comprehension:
1)Read the text carefully then write true ,false or not mentioned.

a- We can't enjoy our lives without health.
b- In the past many people died of fever.
c-Stress can cause many illnesses.

2)Answer these questions from the text

a-Did people of the past know how to keep healthy?
b-Can animals carry microbes from between people?

3)Lexis:Match each word with its equivalent:

-quickly -beasts

-animals -germs

-broke out - fast

-microbes - started suddenly

Activity two :Mastery of lge:

1) Turn the adjectives into adverbs of manner

E.g:Ali is bad at swimming
So,he swims badly
a-She is always angry
So, She speaks......

b-He is a fast runner.
So, he runs........

2) Ask questions on the underlined words:

a-I take aspirin 3 times a day.

b- The doctor speaks politely.

3) Pronunciation:Classify these words in the table

fit - twice - seen - reach - fine - medic[u]i[/u]ne

Part two ; Situation of integration;

Imagine the health departments of your town has organized a competition about an ideal article about health.
So, write a short article (5 or 6) lines in which you speak about health giving pieces of advice to keep fit and healthy.²
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