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Formal Test N°3 - 2am- Empty Formal Test N°3 - 2am-

on 2013-02-08, 07:27
Katia: What's up Samy ? You look awful.
Samy: I 've got a stomachache .It's painful.
Katia: You ate too much ice -cream!
Samy: Yes , What should Ido?
Katia ; Well, You should drink an infusion .It will help.
Samy: Could you prepare it for me?
Katia: Ok.But if it hurts , you must see a doctor.
Samy: Oh ! Not a doctor ! I hate injections

Part one : ( 14 points)
Activity one : Reading Comprehension:

A) Read the dialogue carefully and write true or false .Correct the false statements: (3points)
1- Samy is sick.
2-He has got a terrible headache.
3-samy doesnt like injections.

B)Answer these questions from the text (2points)
1- Did Katia advise Samy to drink an infusion?
2-Did she refuse to prepare it for him?

C)Lexis( 2points)
- Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to:
aches terrible
- Find now words that are antonyms in meaning to:
Less like

Activity two: Mastery of language:( 7 points)

A) What do these sentences express? Classify them in the table:

1-You should take an Aspirin . 2-I must call a doctor. 3- She can support the pain.

B) Give the correct form of the verbs between brackets: (2/2)

Yesterday, I( visit) a doctor because I ( have ) a terrible headache .So , I ( take) an Aspirin and I ( stay ) at home.

Activity three : pronunciation:
Pick out from the text 2 words that have the following sounds:(2points)

Chair / tch/
School /k/

Part two: Situation of integration: ( 6points)
Suppose your friend is suffering from a terrible sorethroat and (he/she) asked you for help .So ; imagine the dialogue in which you give (him/her) some advice.
( Use A and B as dialogue speakers)
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