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Confusing words – Bring and Take- Empty Confusing words – Bring and Take-

on 2012-10-31, 10:10
Confusing words – Bring and Take

In this lesson we are going to look at some errors that are so common, they often go undetected in casual conversation. However, if you are one who takes pride in knowing and using the correct words, it would be worth taking a few minutes to understand the proper use of the following two cases. In this way, you can write those résumés and business letters with confidence. Let’s get started!

Bring and Take

Bring and take both describe the action of moving something from one place to another. However, the correct use of either one depends on knowing whether you want to emphasize action towards or away from a location. The location of the speaker can also influence which word you will use.
For example,
•If the item is being moved towards the speaker’s location, the correct verb would be “bring”.
•If the item is being moved away from the speaker’s location, the correct verb is now “take”.

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Bring me my jacket, please.

This sentence makes it clear that the jacket is being brought towards the speaker’s location.

I’m going to take the dog to the veterinarian’s office.

This sentence tells us that the dog is being moved away from the speaker’s current location, towards a different location (the veterinarian’s office).

Confusing words "Affect and Effect"

Except in very specific situations, affect and effect are different in that one is a verb and the other is a noun.
Affect (v.) describes how something modifies something else.
Example: How will his lack of studying affect his grades? His grades will be affected, or changed, because he did not study.
Effect (n.) describes the outcome or result of an action or event.

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•Example: Having the class brainstorm before writing a test had a very good effect on the students’ grades.

A Tip
If you can replace “affect” with “change”, it is correct.
If you can replace “effect” with “result”, it is also correct!
This is because each replacement word is the same part of speech as the word it substitutes. The sentence will still make sense!

Fill in the Blanks!

_______ your dog to my office next week for another checkup.
The rain will not ________ my horse’s performance in the race.
A lack of sleep will certainly have a bad ________ on your ability to focus.
Students, can you please ________ a book to school tomorrow?
Please ______ out a sheet of paper to begin the test.
You should ______ the compass from your desk when you go camping.
Should the friendliness of a waiter ________ the tip you leave him?
Can I ________ my friend over for supper tomorrow?
Remember to __________ a snack if you _________ your niece to the park.
Watching too much T.V. can have a negative ________ on children.
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