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beating stress in your life

on 2012-06-16, 02:40

beating stress in your life

Read these advice about how to combat stress in your life and try the exercises which follow it.

What is stressful in modern life?
Stress depends on the community you live in, the job you have, the lifestyle you lead and factors such as your age, how many children you have etc. It is therefore difficult to summarize the stress that different people undergo in their daily lives so instead here are just some examples of possible causes of stress you may experience.

*Lack of time
*Noisy environments
*Love complications
Ten ways to Beat Stress
1. Beethoven might not be your style but whatever music you like whether it be pop, jazz or heavy metal, listening to your favourite CD while you work or play is a sure way to beat the stresses of daily life.

2. Eating healthily and taking exercise will inevitably make you feel fitter and better about yourself. You’ll feel stronger and more equipped to face whatever life throws at you.

3. Avoid busy areas. If you have to get somewhere and you have options of how to get there then take the quieter route. Even if it is slightly longer to walk out of your way by two blocks you’ll get there in a more serene manner than cutting across a busy highway through crowds, beeping horns, and the general din created by busy built-up areas.

4. Therapy is no longer a taboo. If you feel you need counselling for whatever reason it might help you to talk to a professional and relieve some of the tension you’re experiencing.

5. Stay away from stressful people. They generate more stress. Spend time with people who have a positive outlook on life as their positive attitude will rub off on you.

6. Time is essential. Give yourself more than enough time to complete your chores. Don’t try to squeeze too much into a day. When you’re planning what you have to do be realistic with your time allocation.

7. Relaxation is a great way of beating stress. Take time out for yourself. This can be in the form of a hot bath or a game of squash. Whatever your preferred form of relaxation don’t forget to fit it into your busy schedule.

8. Enjoy yourself. Go out and socialise, laugh with friends. If you have work-related problems then instead of spending every waking hour thinking about them spend your evenings having fun. This will give you a clearer head for the following day when you can effectively deal with the problems and resolve them. If you find it difficult to laugh then join a laughing class which is guaranteed to make you giggle.

9. Silence is paramount to beating stress. You need to allocate a few minutes a day to being quiet and contemplating the world.

10. Sophology is a form of visualisation which combats stress. It is designed to help you overcome pain and control your mind. Imagine you’re lying on a beach in the warm sun and cut yourself off from the stressful world.
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