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Adverbials - 2- Empty Adverbials - 2-

on 2012-05-30, 05:46
-Adverbials of place:

-We use adverbials of place to describe:
1)adverbials of location:
-We use prepositions to talk about where someone or something is:

above among at behind below beneath
beside between by in in between inside
near next to on opposite outside over
round through under underneath

-He was standing by the table
-She lives in a village near Glasgow.
-You’ll find it in the cupboard.

-We use phrases with of as prepositions:

at the back of at the top of at the bottom of at the end of
on top of at the front of in front of in the middle of

-There were some flowers in the middle of the table
-Sign your name here – at the bottom of the page.
-I can’t see. You’re standing in front of me.

-We can use rightas an intensifier with some of these prepositions:

-He was standing right next to the table.
-There were some flowers right in the middle of the table.
-There’s a wood right behind our house.

2)adverbials of direction:

-We also use prepositional phrases to talk about direction:

across along back back to down into
onto out of past through to towards

-She ran out of the house.
-Walk past the bank and keep going to the end of the street.

-We also use adverbs and adverb phrases for [b]place and direction:

abroad away anywhere downstairs downwards
everywhere here indoors inside nowhere
outdoors outside somewhere there upstairs

-I would love to see Paris. I’ve never been there.
-The bedroom is [b]upstairs.
-It was so cold that we stayed indoors.

-We often have a preposition at the end of a clause:

-This is the room we have our meals in.
-The car door is very small so it’s difficult to get into.
-I lifted the carpet and looked underneath:

3)Adverbials of distance:

-We use adverbials of distance to show how far things are:

-Birmingham is 250 kilometres from London.
-Birmingham is 250 kilometres away from London.
-It is 250 kilometres from Birmingham to London

-Sometimes we use a preposition at the end of a clause:

We were in London. Birmingham was 250 kilometres away.
Birmingham was 250 kilometres off.
-I lifted the carpet and looked underneath.
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