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Mr. Azzedine
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English10 Founder
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How do you Learn?

on 2008-11-08, 03:18
How do you learn?

Your assignment is to answer a series of questions after a reading selection. This selection has not been read in class.

· First answer easy questions, then re-read and answer the rest.

· Skim the reading and look up answers.

· Look for "key-words" in questions and find them in answers.

· Look for words in questions which give clues to answers.

· Answer each question mentally, and then write out.

· Answer as much as possible.

· Read questions, use dictionary to look up words.

· Translate questions and flip back to reading.

· Use dictionary and grammar books.

· Look up all unfamiliar words, and then answer questions.

What strategies or techniques have helped you most when studying a foreign language? What strategies, if any, do you use when studying a foreign language which you might not use when studying another subject?

· I speak to myself while walking or jogging.

· I give myself little tests.

· I write down key points to each chapter.

· I speak to my friends or natives when I get the chance.

· I use association (mental pictures)

· I try to answer all questions mentally in class.

· I use mnemonic device to remember.

· I study with someone.

· I write new information over and over.

· I translate every thing into English.

· I remember by association and repetition.

· I use the appendix in books.

· I look over my notes regularly.

· I make up lists and read them out load.
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